ProAm - Slow Motion Studio

ProAm - Slow Motion Studio

Record and analyse slow motion video directly on your Windows laptop or PC

Decide whether to record after the action, rather than before the action!

***New in this version***

* Share your videos via your OneDrive with one click

* Tag your videos to help organize your video library

Tired of missing that crucial sports action with your iPhone because you didn't press record? With ProAm Slow Motion Studio you no longer have to decide to record that play, shot, or serve before it happens. Just point the camera and ProAm will continuously record and playback the action to you on a delay that you choose. When something of interest happens, just hit record on the delayed playback window to capture the action.

The ProAm is an add-on for Windows laptop/PC, consisting of a high speed camera, flexible camera tripod, and software package. The ProAm turns your laptop into a slow motion capture and analytics tool, capable of recording live video at 125fps. The ProAm allows you to take captures on your own, with no fiddling around with SD cards or long buffering uploads to sharing sites in order to analyze your recording. You can analyze live on your laptop, or later in the comfort of your home.

Main features:

- Continuously record the action then choose which plays to save.

- Simple and solo operation

- Immediate side-by-side analysis

- Add your own drawings to your videos


- Slow motion modes: x4,x7,x9 slower than normal speed

- Recording frame rates: 60, 100, 125 fps

- Resolution: 640x480 (VGA) as standard, with HD option available.

- Interpolation: No

- Video encoding format: Motion JPEG

- Video file format: AVI

The ProAm - Slow Motion Studio is not only great for sports, but also for anything from capturing wildlife in slow motion, through to a valuable aid in classroom science lessons.

ProAm - Slow Motion Studio


ProAm - Slow Motion Studio